Smart Fueling Solution with an Integrated Logistic & Transportation System

Total visibility for optimized operations

The O&G product journey, right through the Midstream and Downstream processes, is extremely complex, with a disconnected view of asset and resource data. Gaining a 360° view of the end-to-end oil distribution logistics and retail operations would simplify the entire process, reducing costs and increasing monthly volume delivery. BCT's solution gamut offers complete visibility of data, assets and resources, and automates processes to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Take the Guesswork Out of Customer Sentiments

Dropthought gathers & analyzes feedback and sentiment ratings, providing the information you need to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Distribution to Storage to Retail – Complete Control


FuelTrans, an integrated logistics & transportation solution for Oil Marketing Companies, offers a 360° view of the entire oil distribution logistics operations. FuelTrans enables Oil Marketing companies to manage and optimize their logistics assets and resources, and brings full visibility and automation of the transportation process, from request to planning and fulfillment. This system also provides a Secondary Distribution Information Hub that gives a 360° view of oil distribution, logistics, and operations.

Fuel Station Automation

An end-to-end solution for Retail Automation of the Downstream Oil & Gas Industry offering real-time visibility and control of the entire retail operations, with the solution covering every major component of the fuel station from the pump, dispenser and tank, and covers vehicle identification, wet stock management and fleet contracts.


Scalable and agile


Monitor moving assets –
anytime, anywhere and
on any device.


Automation of business
processes through BPM
and rules engines.


Dashboards and dynamic
reporting capabilities for
data audit and business

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