The Geodatafy Platform - An enabler for a Digital E&P Business

Geodatafy is an Exploration & Production digitalization platform


Geodatafy is an Exploration & Production digitalization platform that offers complete transparency from field to operations through integration of technical data across Oil and Gas business units, such as Drilling, Subsurface, Operations, Finance and HSSE.

Geodatafy is a platform to explore, visualize, and manage your data, allowing you to optimize operations based on availability and visibility.

Geodatafy ingests structured, unstructured, file based, web services, APIs etc., and present a unified model of all data across your business silos; a mastered record of all the different data and data formats available from across business units. The engine also processes sub-surface data and integrates it with other technical data on the fly, with appropriate application of business logic and data QC.

Why Geodatafy?

Geodatafy is a powerhouse of functionalities. It allows information search and access across systems and business units and facilitates visualizations/ analyses of chosen data.

Fool proof against data theft, it alerts when a data change/theft incident occurs. Users can compute quality check metrics into the platform to ensure data used for decisions is authentic and validated. Users can also easily share/transfer and discuss data results with team members and fellow knowledge workers, fostering a culture of greater collaboration and remote work.

Geodatafy’s automation engine creates an environment that is smart, secure and enables faster data access (with sub-second response times), empowering teams to carry out business processes seamlessly.


Find information
across systems
and business units


Compute QC metrics to increase
the confidence of data used for
key business decisions


Register for alerts when
data is changed


Launch visualizations and
analytics in context of
selected data


Easily share data search
results with team members
and knowledge workers


Automation engine to ensure
up to data information,
alerting and data transfers

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